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1. Are your Pashminas, single or double ply?

At present we carry only the single ply pashmina. However if you would like to custom order a double ply, we would be glad to help you.

2. What is the difference between single and double ply?

A double ply is made from twisting together two individual yarn strands of Pashmina and hence thicker and heavier than a single ply. However a single ply though thin and light, still provides the same amount of warmth!!

3. What is the shipping and handling cost to the United States of America?

The cost of shipping and handling within the US is $7.00 per shawl + $2.00 for every additional one. The items will be shipped upon receipt of payment via USPS Priority Mail (2 to 3 days delivery) within the US.

4. Do you ship to International countries and what would be the cost?

Yes, we do ship to every International country. The cost of International shipment varies. Please e-mail (, your country to find out the rates.

5. Can you send me the shawl overnight within the US and what is the cost of shipping and handling?

Yes, we can do overnight delivery via USPS Express Mail. The cost of shipping and handling within the US is $18.00 per shawl + $2.00 for every additional one.

6. What are the types of payment that you accept?

We accept Cashiers Checks/Money Order, Personal Checks, and Credit Card (transactions via We can also accept payment via an escrow service but the buyer will pay for the escrow fees.

7. How do I care for the Pashmina?

Taking care of your Pashmina is easy.

Although dry-cleaning Pashminas, the chemicals used in the long run affect it (like all fine wool). It is thus recommend washing in cold or warm water using mild, natural soap or shampoo. Rinse until water runs clear and then drip dry only, avoiding direct sunlight. Do not wring or twist.

If it needs pressing, iron over a damp cloth.

A cedar chest is best for storing Pashminas. We recommend storing it in plastic bags to keep it clean and moth free. Always wash it before storing for long periods so it is free of any food particles that may attract moths.

With these simple basic measures of care, your Pashminas will retain their original beauty for years to come.

8. Who do I contact if I have any other inquiry?

Please email with any questions that you have and we will try to get a response within a 24 hour time period.


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